Wind Farm Infrastructure

Secure Wind Turbine Generators

Our wind farm infrastructure service extends the on-site support by our field service and deals with all infrastructural issues. This includes provision of a wind farm caretaker, repairs, emission control measuring, tower leases as well as installation of monitoring devices.

Wind Farm Keeper

If required, we work with a wind farm keeper on site who monitors the condition and operational status of the wind farm after receiving appropriate training and instructions and acts as our local contact.

Construction Work and Repairs

We coordinate and support construction work carried out in and around the wind farm. We ensure there is no unnecessary loss of production or damage to the turbine or infrastructure and that all regulations are observed. When replacing large components, work is coordinated with land owners or lessors on site. If external companies plan to work in or near the wind farm, they receive information about the infrastructure of the wind farm (e.g. cable plans) from us and, if required, special instruction for the realisation.


Observance and checking of approval conditions is a central task. We organize measurements of sound emissions and pollution, discuss the results with turbine manufacturers and authorities and initiate further steps to ensure correct operation of the turbines in line with legal requirements, if necessary.

Obstacle Lighting

Turbines are partially equipped with obstacle lighting in order to prevent collisions with airplanes. Old, conventional systems are prone to malfunction and require much servicing. By retrofitting modern, low-maintenance LED systems costs can be reduced and the reliability of the system increased. We also provide solutions if obstacle lighting has to be implemented when the turbine is off the grid.

Independent Monitoring Systems

In addition to various SCADA programs, we deploy cross-manufacturer monitoring software for our work. With the aid of the integrated operating database we receive a complete life-cycle file for each turbine from commissioning to dismantling. Additionally, this program records all operating states and service work and is linked to service reports and invoices. The investor can obtain access to his turbines via web access and retrieve updated information on their current status.

Intrusion Protection

To protect the turbines from unauthorized access and theft we provide a range of different measures for the wind farms. These include retrofitting door reinforcements against intrusion, installing access and camera surveillance as well as transferring intrusion messages to security services – including control rounds in the wind farm.

Leasing of Towers

We organize the leasing of towers as masts for mobile communication systems or for GPRS correction signals for agriculture.