Turbine Components

From the Foundation to the Rotor Blade

In accordance with the increasing importance of wind energy, the wind turbines’ technology is undergoing rapid development. An increase in performance and increased demands during operations in regard to efficiency and profitability have led to ever more complex and sophisticated technology. Our turbine components specialists are able to guarantee for optimum service.


The foundation is crucial to the operational safety of turbines. Therefore, we monitor this construction regularly to ensure that forces are safely absorbed over the entire operational life and that the turbine stands on solid ground. If any irregularities in the foundation occur, these are recorded by our field service and reported to our construction engineers who evaluate the data and initiate action, if required. Cracks in the foundation are recorded and charted via a special camera. Using vibration measurements, we evaluate whether the tower is securely anchored within the foundation. If the foundation has to be refurbished, our construction specialists check the planned redevelopment and see through its execution.


Ranging from steel tube towers to lattice towers to pre-stressed concrete towers to hybrid towers – our mechanical and construction engineers are specialists in any issues concerning these structures. Measurements of a tower’s natural frequency or the repair of flange connections are just two of a variety of services we provide.

Drive Train

Components of the drive train serve to convert wind into electric energy. These components are subject to extreme levels of stress which can partially lead to a higher level of failure of those components. We analyze the condition of such assemblies, provide recommendations for action and look for ways to improve the reliability and stability of such assemblies. If a component needs repair or replacement our specialists look for the best method available. Oil analysis data and transmission reports are evaluated and weak points identified. To eliminate these we develop appropriate methods together with other service providers. We cooperate with a broad network of specialists and service companies to implement such measures.

Rotor Blades

This component is subject to a wide range of stress factors. The rotor blades are only able to convert the wind energy ideally if they are in the best possible condition. Damage, e.g. as a result of erosion or lightning, can cause lasting deterioration to the aerodynamic features of the rotor blade and thus reduce the energy yield of the turbines. Based on rotor blade reports we evaluate the condition of the blades and initiate appropriate action, if required. Optimization options are looked for and implemented, e.g. for increasing yield and improving wear protection.