Know-how for Any Circumstance

Today’s turbines are power plants which have to fulfill high technical requirements in order to provide ideal technical operation. They are subject to a wide range of conditions and regulations including results from the official approval process. Therefore, issues arise which may exceed the know-how of the operations manager as an allrounder. Not everyone can know everything about all fields involved in wind energy.

Our specialists are available to handle specific issues. They are able to develop solutions for individual and cross-divisional problems thanks to their experience and qualifications. Such know-how and skills range from the latest legal requirements to serial damage.

Monitoring of Operations

The SCADA software we use enables standardization of the different status messages from the various turbines of the respective turbine manufacturers as well as cross-manufacturer and cross-wind farm evaluation of yield performance, error statistics and response speed of service. Cross-farm access to yield and operating data enables us to identify improvement potential in individual or several wind farms, and facilitates the swift transfer of improvements to other wind farm projects. In combination with our extensive component and project database, our specialists can access comprehensive data for their work.

Quality Management

To ensure that turbines can be operated safely and at a high standard, it is important that regulations and standards are known and observed. Service providers working in wind farms must know and observe such standards and regulations. We check the technical qualifications of companies commissioned with work and monitor the compliance with the standards for the different fields involved – from A to Z.

Manufacturer and Contract Management

Because of the large number of turbines supported, we have a strong position in the market. This enables us to negotiate lowprice conditions with regard to service and maintenance. Contact with service companies is ensured through fixed contacts.

Maintenance Management

For wind farms without a full service contract, we can provide an ideal maintenance concept for turbines. We can negotiate the best offer on account of our comprehensive market overview and excellent network within the wind sector, without neglecting the quality of the product and the service provider.

Insurance Management

Depending on the location of the wind farm and the type of service contract concluded, we will compile an insurance package which covers risks in accordance with individual requirements, from the met mast to the operations building of the wind farm. The insurance department handles any claims which may arise in cooperation with the engineers.