QHSE   Quality, Health, Safety and Environment

Focus on Quality and Safety

As a result of an increasingly competitive market and the justified expectations of customers, service of extremely high quality is demanded. In addition, the number of legal regulations with regard to environmental protection, safety at work and health protection is steadily increasing. These tasks are managed by the QHSE department at wpd windmanager, ensuring legal certainty for our clients by means of continuous, sustainable observation of relevant legal regulations.

The QHSE department supports the preparation of customized concepts and processes as well as risk assessments in accordance with the Safety at Work Act, industrial safety ordinance and other requirements to ensure legal compliance. Furthermore, the QHSE department advises on the development of resultant operating instructions and possible working instructions.

To ensure safety at work we check the training certificates required of staff employed as well as the protective equipment against falling. We also organize safety-related inspections of operating resources and keep corresponding test records as verification. By regular inspections of wind farms this is controlled randomly. We also plan and prepare the emergency exit and escape route plans and ensure permanent availability of tested rescue and fire-fighting material. The QHSE department plans and initiates rescue and first-aid exercises in the respective wind farms as well.

Checking of safety data sheets and the preparation of hazardous materials registers is also part of the work of the QHSE department. In addition, the QHSE department is able to audit suppliers in accordance with DIN ISO 9001, DIN ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001.

Risk Analysis

The execution, consultation and monitoring of activities or object-oriented risk assessments in accordance with labor protection laws, industrial safety regulations and other legal requirements are an integral part of our risk analysis. This also includes the preparation of emergency plans and operating instructions


We advise on the selection of training concepts for access to wind farms as well as defining training courses for special tasks. We also check the validity of certificates.

Rescue Exercises

The initiation and planning of rescue exercises with parties involved in the respective wind farms is part of our QHSE services as well.

PPE  (Personal Protective Equipment)

We advise on the procurement of personal protective equipment against falling and carry out the required annual expert tests.

Monitoring of Suppliers

We conduct regular audits to check if our suppliers meet our requirements with regard to quality, environmental protection and safety at work standards.