IT – Information Technology

IT Support for Your Wind Farm

Because of the ongoing performance optimization of turbines, manufacturers are continuously implementing more and more sophisticated technology, resulting in IT supported solutions becoming an integral part of modern turbines. Each wind farm consists of a range of complex IT networks which require professional support and management.

Communication Links

Increasing complexity requires efficient communication lines with high availability. Therefore, we cooperate with reliable and established partners from the telecommunications sector. Individual bandwidth requirements are validated regularly to ensure that communication links can be adjusted in time.

IT Security

Turbines have become an attractive target for hackers and other cyber criminals in recent time. Therefore, proactive prevention and defense against attacks is crucial. We set up our own CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) which has the required highly specialized knowledge. The task of this team is to continuously adjust cyber defense strategies to the risk situation and to respond to any IT security incidents with appropriate measures. Now or in the near future, new legal requirements within the EEG or new laws such as the IT Security Act (measures to protect critical infrastructures from cyber attacks) lead to the use of additional IT components, which were not required so far.

IT Standardization

Irrespective of the cause – if failures in communication or IT infrastructure do occur, well-established, continuously optimized processes in accordance with the IT Infrastructure Library (ITILv3) ensure the most efficient and swift fault clearance. By using standardized IT components, storage of spare parts is simpler which in turn reduces the time required for fault clearance.

24-Hour Monitoring

By combining 24-hour monitoring, the use of reliable communication links and automatic alarm systems, we are able to identify malfunctions and irregularities during operation and diagnose the cause almost in real time. In ideal cases we can eliminate errors remotely on short notice.