Field Service

Wind Farm Service at Work

The field service which supports wind farms on site and can assess the technology of specific turbines is necessary to ensure successful operations and essential to eliminate damage and risks at an early stage and to increase the performance of the wind farms.

Other elements of the infrastructure, such as wind farm supply lines, transmission and transformer station as well as remote data monitoring components can also lead to the failure of individual systems or the entire wind farm resulting in yield losses. Our engineers with their service vehicles and their stock of the most commonly used medium voltage fittings, cables etc. are prepared to deal with any problems very quickly. Direct support via our field service team is an ideal supplement to services provided by the maintenance companies.


Inspections are carried out on each turbine. This includes: recording the actual status, recording and checking the handling of defects, checking maintenance work carried out, test runs to check for any abnormal noises, checking the safety system, service lift and onboard crane as well as taking oil samples, if required.

Quality Management

Our staff executing work in the wind farms are not only trained in accordance with legal requirements, but also in line with the specific requirements of wind farms. Our objective is to secure quality and to completely avoid accidents.

Checking of Services Provided

Damage can be identified at an early stage by means of standardized inspections, checking and evaluation across the large turbine portfolio. The hardware and software we use guarantees that we are able to make an up-to-the-minute assessment of the condition of the turbine at all times.