Consulting Onshore

Long-Term Wind Farm Experience

Being the link between project development, operations, manufacturers and service providers, our consulting onshore will support you throughout the entire life cycle of the turbines and wind farms that we are servicing. Our competence and our knowledge is based on our long-term experience in wind farm management. Our know-how covers almost all turbine types and components, based on our huge turbine portfolio. Being an internationally acting company, in addition to Germany we are also operative in Belgium, Finland, France, Croatia, Canada, Poland and Taiwan.

Consulting Operation Management

Our team gains a holistic picture of the turbine or the entire wind farm and visualizes synergies and options for the clients within a Due Diligence. Our objective is to identify cost saving potential and to implement measures effectively to ensure ideal commercial and technical operation of the turbines.

Our consultancy service is available to discuss any questions from project planning to dismantling. Our team will already support you during acquisition of the turbines, carrying out location analyses and preparing risk assessments. Based on specific data, we analyze turbines and wind farms regardless of location or manufacturer.

Clients receive comprehensive, coherent reports on all executed or organized inspections, measurements etc. When cooperating with external experts we define the standards for their work. Our focus of work is mainly on foundations, rotor blades and gearboxes. We support the development of wind energy strategies and are able to efficiently and swiftly identify opportunities, obligations and risks. Together we develop tailor-made options and visions.

Legal Support

Our experienced staff review contracts and support our partners in all legal and insurance-related issues, if required.

Permission Management and Contact for Authorities

We serve as your interface with authorities and ensure that legal conditions and regulations are observed. Specific conditions have to be observed for the entire operation period. We are in continuous contact with the respective authorities, coordinate measures, submit documents and check that subsequent requirements are observed as well. Whether it’s the building control authority or the Federal Grid Commisson – everyone will receive the necessary information.

Property Management

Our property department supports wind energy projects in all issues – from lease payments to re-zoning plans and change of property ownership.

Compensatory and Substitute Measures

As compensation for the encroachment in nature by setting up a wind farm, the operator is often obliged to carry out compensatory measures for the whole operation period. Our specialists in this field manage such compensatory measures from authorities management to organisation of the required maintenance and tending measures. windmanager structures the monitoring of compensatory and substitute measures of the project. This includes, after registration, the commissioning and supervision of maintenance. The monitoring of species protection observation and active participation in research projects is part of the windmanager profile.

EEG Application – Determination of the extended initial Tariff

EEG plants may receive increased initial tariff after five years. We conduct the required procedure for our clients and thus secure income for the wind farm.

Energy Trading

The legislator has introduced the so-called direct marketing to integrate wind energy better into the electricity market. We have the necessary market knowledge as well as the best contacts because of the size of the portfolio that we manage. We ensure that all technical requirements are implemented and fulfilled and check the invoices from the energy trader.

Load Management (EISMAN)

As a result of the slow grid expansion, grid operators increasingly shut down or reduce the output of wind farms to maintain grid stability in recent years. Our Load Management Team, the so-called EISMAN team, prepares a complete calculation of resulting yield losses. We decide for every wind farm whether the peak or flat-rate accounting method is the better option for the current business year.

LiDAR Measurement

LiDAR measurement is used to execute independent wind measurement on site on your turbine. For the maximum exploitation of wind energy it is necessary for the turbine to be positioned ideally to the wind. Our LiDAR measurement is able to identify yaw errors. The measuring device can be easily installed and dismantled on almost any kind of nacelle and the results will be evaluated swiftly. This ensures that yield losses caused by yaw errors may be avoided. The power curve can be determined with calculable costs and without having to obtain a building permit for a measuring mast. Measurement and evaluation is oriented to the respective IEC standard and forms a solid basis for further steps if any deviation is confirmed.


Our team supports you in location and turbine assessment, calculates repowering potential and finds suitable buyers for used turbines, if necessary. We can reach a profitable business for our clients by repowering – commercially and technically reorganizing the existing wind field.

Continued Operation

The end of the operating time – usually 20 years – does not necessarily mean the end of the turbine’s lifetime. In the event that repowering is not possible, but the turbine sites may still be used, it may be reasonable to continue operation of the turbines until the end of their actual lifetime is reached. Not only the technical condition of the device plays an important role in this decision but also the profitability of the project. For the most part, loans have been repaid and the turbine has been written off in the balance sheet. In addition, the EEG guarantees a fixed remuneration up until 2020. According to a DIBt guideline (Guideline for wind energy turbines, impacts and proof of stability for tower and foundation, October 2012), a renewed proof of stability is necessary for the continued operation which must be carried out by an independent and accredited expert. To make sure that continued operation is profitable we will review all relevant approvals and contracts in regard to time limitations and their validity. This is followed up by an evaluation of the technical condition using reports, SCADA data, downtimes and availability data. We will review if the turbine condition allows for a profitable continued operation and will choose a suitable expert. For the review, we will compile all necessary documents/life-cycle file of the turbine.