Information Management

Interface to Your Investment

In our investors relations department, all pertinent information on your wind farm is pooled. Central contact persons are at your disposal any time and will advise you on any question on your wind turbine generators and your investment. Our investors’ relations department comprises of various scopes of services – from portfolio management to business reports through to date and deadline monitoring or shareholders’ meetings.

Central Contact

For each of our investors/shareholders, for contractors and authorities, there is a single contact person who is responsible for handling all issues in connection with the respective investment.

We handle any enquiries and questions centrally and swiftly, compile replies and information from the various departments involved, or from third parties, and return these to the person or company involved.

Portfolio Management

In case that our clients are operating several wind farms we will process all relevant data for the entire portfolio upon the clients’ request. One single contact person pools all key information for the entire portfolio, evaluates the data and will offer recommendations for action, if necessary.

Client Relations Management

In addition to regular written information about the investment, we attach great importance to on-site personal talks and exchange of information. In addition, we also accompany investors to wind farms inspections.

Monitoring Dates and Deadlines

The monitoring of compliance to technical and commercial deadlines is a very important part of information management. This includes e.g. timely recommendations for action in case of expiry of contracts, such as maintenance, insurance or energy trader contracts.

Business Reports

Our clients receive regular information about important business developments pertaining to to wind farms. These reports are prepared on the basis of existing standards which can be adjusted accordingly at the request of the client.


The windmanager extranet offers our clients a quick overview over their entire portfolio. Processed with precise graphics, they will for instance see at a glance the yield development or the current processing status of possible EISMAN accounting. Under the heading “News” we will support information for our clients about – among other things – technical novelties or new services and in the download sector we will store all monthly and quarterly reports at their disposal. As a matter of course, all data are securely transferred by SSL encryption technology.

Shareholders’ Meetings

One central task in the course of information management is the preparation, calling and execution of shareholders’ meetings. This is done in accordance with the terms of the corresponding articles of association or at the request of the company.