Financial Accounting

Commercial Operations Management

In addition to the technical operations management, we also take care of the commercial handling of your wind farm. Our financial accounting department assumes the posting of current business transactions, in accordance with international standards if desired. For this, our persons responsible are using the DATEV software and are cooperating closely with tax consultants and certified public accountants.

Ongoing Financial Accounting

The financial accounting department completes bookings of ongoing business transactions for clients, depending on the corresponding request of the clients, also in accordance with international standards. The department also works with programs from CEGID. Clerks also work closely with tax consultants and auditors.

Processing Payment Transactions – Claims Management

The formal, factual or calculated release of incoming invoices to be paid is made in the course of an electronic invoice approval system by the relevant staff of the wpd windmanager departments involved. Depending on customer requests, invoices are passed on to these departments for release. The internal four-eye principle at wpd windmanager is also observed, as is document veracity, since the signature is completed with a certificate which does not allow any subsequent changes to the invoices. Storage of the documents complies with the requirements of electronic storage specified in GoBD (principles for the correct storage of documents in electronic form).

Liquidity Planning

To gain an overview of the liquidity assets of the company, short-term liquidity plans for a period of two years at a time are managed and continuously updated for customers. Income and expenditure are recorded from all existing contracts, cost estimates made which are based on empirical values and, if required, existing time deposits and liquidity provisions considered. Due to continuous communication between departments at wpd windmanager, orders incurring costs can be identified immediately. This ensures a clear picture of funds which can be used and identifies liquidity requirements, providing a continuously updated overview of the liquidity situation of the company.

Target/actual Comparisons

Does planned income/expenditure and liquidity correspond to the actual values earned and what causes the differences? To identify this, we prepare monthly/quarterly target/actual comparisons from tax-related data of current financial accounting.

Profitability Forecasts

Depending on the requirements of the customer, a product cost analysis can be developed from profitability forecasts over the operational life of the wind farm. The profit and loss values from the annual accounts are included as well as any contractual amendments, possible refinancing and all other changes to the original forecast are considered. This provides an overview of the results and liquidity development for the future.