A wide variety of engineers, technicians, business administrators, mechatronics engineers, humanistic scholars, tax clerks, accountants, legal experts and many more make sure that we can offer all services which are necessary for an optimal operation of wind farms.


We focus on young talent, cooperating with universities and universities of applied science in the areas of research and development. For students, we offer specialized internships in the area of technical management of wind farms and the possibility to write their thesis with us. We are also employing a pool of working students. At the University of Applied Science Bremen, we are currently promoting outstanding students with two scholarships (Deutschlandstipendium).


At our head office in Bremen, we are offering training places for office clerks. Our apprentices pass through all stations of the windmanager world so that we can give them a comprehensive insight into the complexity of the job besides offering them a diversified and varied work environment.

In cooperation with Berufliche Bildung Bremerhaven we are offering a combined training for electronic technicians for industrial engineering and mechatronics engineers with a specification for the area of wind power. In the practical part of their training, our apprentices benefit from our broad service spectrum which offers an exciting and diversified task area – absence of vertigo provided.