Alone Together: Corona Virus and the Home Office

20 March 2020

Exceptional state of affairs at the wpd windmanager offices worldwide. Where otherwise the colleagues are busy managing wind farms, the scenery is currently more reminiscent of a western movie. The only thing missing is John Wayne riding his horse through the international offices. Whistling a song. Where colleagues usually exchange ideas and the telephone lines are glowing, now metre-high tumbleweeds roll across the lonely corridors.

But what is the situation like in the new wpd windmanager home offices? How is the daily work actually going at home in exile?

In the pre-Corona era, you saw your colleagues every day at the neighbouring workplace. People met, exchanged ideas. Now, however, the contact focuses on e-mails and Microsoft teams. To bring back a little bit of the everyday feeling, we asked the colleagues for some impressions of their workplace situation. True to the motto: Alone together.

Impressions from the international wpd windmanager „branches“